Ride Maps

We are experimenting with adding ride maps to our web site.

West Washington County
 PDF37.6 mi
 Canby Southern Loop PDF 28.6 mi
 Sellwood Bridge - Mt Tabor - Springwater Loop PDF 19.7 mi
 Sellwood Bridge - Trolley Trail Ride PDF 26.0 mi
 Sellwood Bridge to Gresham Fairview Trail PDF 30.2 mi
 OMSI - Marine Drive - 205 Bike path PDF 25.1 mi
 Sellwood Bridge to Bybee Lake PDF 28.3 mi
 Anniversary Ride to Women's Forum PDF 55.1 mi
 Apple Festival Ride
  PDF 20.1 mi

Share Your Maps!

We are using Ride with GPS for creating ride maps.  It's pretty easy to use.  Just go to RIDE WITH GPS, Click on the sign-up button to create a free account, then Click Plan, to create your map.  After you create your map, send us the name of your route so we can add it to our list of maps.