Tandem Bicyclists in Portland, Oregon

If you have a tandem bicycle, or are just thinking about getting one, you are welcome to join our email list. The purpose of the list is to give tandem bicyclists a place to connect and discuss tandem bicycle related topics.  This includes tandem rides people are planning, questions about tandems, organized rides people might want to meet up at, or social events like meeting other tandem teams at a restaurant or to see a movie.

What Happened to the old Portland Tandem Club?

In the past, the club was more focused on putting together organized rides and setting up meetings with speakers about bicycle related topics.  Over the years, the size of the club hasn't changed much, but the interest in putting together organized rides and events has.  So rather than being an official club with annual membership dues, we're now a group of people with an interest in tandem bicycles on an email list.