Tandem Box

Tandem Hard Shell Case for Travel or Shipping

A long time tandem couple donated their hard shell tandem case to the club (they upgraded to a coupled tandem). It was designed specifically for carrying a tandem and is probably the most secure way to travel with an uncoupled tandem. It has been used by a couple of different club members in the past, but not recently.

If you would like to borrow the tandem case, send an email to the Website editor. No charge for members of the email list. We also ask that if you use it please send a review of your experience with it.

If you plan to use this box you will need to check with the airlines to verify if they will accept it. You may be required to send it by freight.

The case dimensions are about 68" x 28" x 12", and I'm guessing it weighs about 30 lbs. Here are some photos of the case: