How the Email List Works

The email list uses "Google Groups" to send mail and keep track of who is on the list.  List members will see messages sent by other members on the list.  Only list members are allowed to send messages to the list.


Messages will only contain the email address of the person who sent the message.  Email addresses of those receiving the messages will not be disclosed.

How Do I Send a Message?

Sending a message to everyone on the list is really easy if you are on the list.  Just address it to:
You can also "Reply All" to a message that was sent to the group.  But please change the subject of the message if you are changing the topic of the message.
When you send a message to the group, you will not get a copy of the message unless you add yourself to the cc: or bcc: address.

Can I Get Added to the List?

Sure.  Also that we ask is that you have a tandem bike, or are interested in tandem bikes, and are not a commercial enterprise looking for ways to market your products.  Also, NO TROLLS!  Please make sure you read the etiquette section below.

To get added to the list send a message to requesting to be added.  Let us know a little about yourselves like what kind of tandem you have or if you are just thinking about getting a tandem, how long you've been riding, etc.


Don't be stupid.

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